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☆The Second Division☆

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The 2nd Division was one of a kind. It was the only American Division that had a Brigade of Marines —
and the only Division formed in France.

Third Infantry Brigade

Ninth Infantry
Twenty-Third Infantry
Fifth Machine Gun Battalion

Fourth Infantry (Marine) Brigade

Fifth Marines
Sixth Marines
Sixth Machine Gun Battalion
Fourth Machine Gun Battalion

Second Field Artillery Brigade

Twelfth Field Artillery Regiment
Fifteenth Field Artillery
Seventeenth Field Artillery
Second Engineers | 2nd Engineers Web Site
First Field Signal Battalion
Second Supply Train
Second Ammunition Train
Second Sanitary Train
Second Engineer Train
Motor Transport Corps
Second Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop
Divisional Headquarters Troop
Second Military Police

Other official lists of the organization of the 2nd Division

Commendations of Second Division, American Expeditionary Forces, France, 1917—1919, Germany.
Composition from The Second Division, American Expeditionary Force In France, 1917-1919.
Composition of 2d Division — TASKER H. BLISS, Major General, Chief of Staff.
The Second Division — American Expeditionary Forces — 1917-1919


Bourmont training area
Verdun Sector Record of Casualties Reported In Verdun Sector
Château Thierry Record of Casualties Reported In Château Thierry Sector
Soissons — Vierzy Record of Casualties Reported In Soissons Sector
Marbache Sector, August 6—17 Record of Casualties Reported In Marbache Sector
The St. Mihiel Salient Record of Casualties Reported In St. Mihiel Sector
Blanc Mont in Champagne Report of Casualties Reported in the Blanc Mont Operation
The Meuse-Argonne Report of Casualties in the ArgonneóMeuse Operation
The Army of Occupation
Major operations and sectors of 2nd Division participation
Record of Events
Locations of 2nd Division organizations on November 11, 1918 NEW
"To be able to say when this war is finished, I belonged to the SECOND DIVISION, I fought with it at the battle of Blanc Mont Ridge, will be the highest honor that can come to any man."
— JOHN A. LEJEUNE, Major General, U.S.M.C. ☆
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